• Celebrating 25 years!

    Emeryville Taiko is now known as Oakland Taiko

    to better reflect where we've been learning and practicing for the last decade 

    Learn and Perform Taiko with us!

    Located in Oakland, we have been an East Bay taiko community since 1998

  • Big Drums are Cool!

    Have you seen us perform? Curious about Japanese drumming? We've been performing at festivals and local events for 25 years, and we welcome experienced players as well as absolute beginners. Taiko is taught in the tradition of martial arts. The essence of Taiko is not only looked upon as the skillful playing of percussion instruments, but as the discipline of mind and body in the spirit of complete respect and unity among the drummers. After a basic training period, everyone can perform! Classes in our dojo cover different songs each month, and include physical training, taiko history, and of course, plenty of drumming skills. Bring your energy and curiosity to this combination of Japanese drumming, dance, and theatrics and you'll find yourself re-energized and eager to perform. Thinking of trying out Taiko but not ready to commit? Monthly Sunday workshops are a "taster" of what our classes are like.

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    Cultural celebrations, street festivals, weddings,

    Taiko concerts --

    Book us for your event!

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    Convenient location in Oakland, CA. Beginner classes Wednesdays. Kids 8 and up on Saturdays. Monthly intro workshops Sundays. See the Classes section for details.

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    Taiko is a musical performance art with roots in traditional Japanese culture and a vibrant, diverse, global community.

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    Adults, kids and seniors learn and perform

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    Donations support our mission to bring the joy of taiko to more people and events in our communities. All donations are tax deductible. As a designated "public charity" under section 509(a)(2), your donations may be tax deductible up to 60%.